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2-Hour In-Home Consultation

2-Hour In-Home Consultation

Need help with a room in your home?

This service is the best place to start when you're beginning a project that needs a designers touch, especially if you've never worked with a designer before.

It's your chance to sit down in person with Betsy and talk about the challenges you're having with your space and what your greatest struggle is. She'll share her design tips and ideas right then and there during the consultation. You can take all the notes you like!

If you decide that you would like Betsy's further help with your project that's something you can talk over before the end of the consultation.


  • Free 30 minute discovery phone conversation about your project prior to in home visit

  • Quick 3-Minute Questionnaire to help discover your design style

  • Walk-through of your home or business

  • Discuss what is working well and what needs to change

  • Discuss your ideas and discover your design style

  • Betsy shares her design ideas, tips and advice for your project